Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards alá Nature

spiky ball, place card

Photo from Martha Stewart

Here's my favorite Thanksgiving place card from Mother Nature (and Martha Stewart...).

Don't these spiky balls off a Liquidambar tree make adorable place cards? I'm thinking so...

And I found a couple more au naturale place card ideas too ...


pumpkin place card

Photo from Kelley Photo & Design

pear, place card holder

Photo from Country Living

pear, place card holder

Photo from Pottery Barn

apple place card

Photo from yumsugar

Why buy place card holders when you can make them for FREE with materials from Mama Nature? Some pumpkins, some pears, some apples, and you got it made. I'm sure there's something amazing you could do with a pressed maple leaf and a silver pen too.

Some more Thanksgiving stuff:

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