Kate Middleton Will Give You the Scare of Your Life This Halloween

kate middletonHere's something that sucks: Summer is ov-ah. Later, warm weather. Bon voyage, margs on the porch. Sayonara, barbecues. But don't cry. There's one good thing about fall: Halloween! And this year it's not any old Halloween. It's a Kensington Palace Halloween. Muah-ah-ah-ah-ah ...

Word on the British street is Prince William and Kate Middleton's residence is haunted. Well, more precisely, all of Kensington Palace is haunted. A palace source says, "In the evenings, the place has an atmosphere all of its own ... There are bumps in the night ... It's fascinating stuff and not for the faint-hearted."

So, what are those crazy, festive royals doing? Why, they're opening the palace for a ghost tour this Hallow's Eve!


According to the Kensington Palace website, they will be open for ghost tours for four nights on Halloween weekend, October 28 to 31. Given the name "The Eerie Evening Tours of the Enchanted Palace," the walk-throughs will last an hour and half each evening and cost about $33 per person. Kensington is said to be haunted by the spirit of (among others) the figure of Queen Mary, the consort of George V, and William's great-great grandmother. There's no guarantee that these guys will make an appearance during the tours, but, according to the Mirror, "stories collected in the warders' log book over the years include numerous reports of screams, bumps, and ghostly sightings."

Okay, so three things came to mind when I heard this news. One, I need to start looking up flights to Heathrow, like, now. Two, I'm shocked that the Queen is allowing this type of frivolity to take place on her watch. And three, I wonder if the Duke and Duchess will pop out of a dark corner wearing Scream masks or something? This is going to be glorious! I love it!

Even though I'm a 32-year-old woman, Halloween is still my favorite holiday of all time. There are no gifts to buy, no meals to cook. It's just good ol' fashioned unadulterated fun -- and you get to have the bejeezus scared out of you. Everybody wins.

This is the ultimate, though. I mean, everybody knows castles, ships, and graveyards are the scariest places to be on October 31. And this isn't just any castle, it's the castle. William and Kate live here!

But odds are I won't be making it to Londontown this year to celebrate my favorite holiday. In fact, odds really are that I'll be freezing my ass off, drinking vodka lemonade out of a Snapple bottle in line at a corn maze somewhere off the New Jersey Turnpike.

And you know what? It'll still be fun.

How cool is this?


Image via americanistadechiapas/Mykl Roventine/Flickr

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