Make Your Own Table With Only These 3 Things

When I come across a DIY furniture project, I can't help adding up all the materials and tools and calculating the cost of making one vs. buying one already made. Sometimes, buying a finished product is easier, faster, and cheaper.

But I think these hairpin leg tables are an exception. Three items. That's all you need! A slab of wood cut to your dimensions at Home Depot, hairpin legs, and a screwdriver. Done and done. I'm so impressed with the final look of all these projects, I now want to make a table, bench, or desk for every room in my house.

Here's a simple coffee table from Erin Jane. Perfect for a game of Uno.

And a lovely craft desk from Kate Miss. She stained the wood.

This is a weathered entry bench by Angela Ferdig. I love how thick the slab of wood is.

What about this wood plank table from Hindsvik Blog? I would definitely want this in a country house.

Seems doable, right? Some of these projects were done for as little as $30! Definitely worth a try.

Would you make your own table?

Top image via Silvia Song's coffee table

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Kaina... Kainalu55

this is actually a very nice table! where do you get the legs from?

Kaina... Kainalu55

i'm going to show this to my looks so simple to make! he's a carpenter and has built us a few pieces of furniture...but i love the look of this table!

slw123 slw123

These are really cute.

nonmember avatar Guest

In college, we were so poor, we took a wooden door and bricks as a table...

sweet... sweetcherry_59

I love the look of the table but I know I could thrift something for cheaper. I got all excited when I read through the post and then I clicked on your link. You have to buy each hairpin leg at an average price of 18.00. So for 72.00 you have four legs, then you have to add the shipping of 10.00. That puts me at 82.00 and I haven't even got wood yet. I see tables at yard sales for 20.00 all the time.....after refinishing it your only out 25.00 to 30.00.

L25 L25

I am with Sweetcherry on this one, maybe we have different definitions of "cheaper". These do look like something you could find in a high end store so I'm sure this is cheaper than that but not exactly thrifty.

JHanc968 JHanc968

Interesting... I have an old door I want to make into a table...

sodapple sodapple

Those are nice. =) the tall table look nice.

Krist... KristinRox

My mom made her own end table once.. it was really really nice. I dont think IM quite crafy enough to do it though.

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