Make Your Own Table With Only These 3 Things

When I come across a DIY furniture project, I can't help adding up all the materials and tools and calculating the cost of making one vs. buying one already made. Sometimes, buying a finished product is easier, faster, and cheaper.

But I think these hairpin leg tables are an exception. Three items. That's all you need! A slab of wood cut to your dimensions at Home Depot, hairpin legs, and a screwdriver. Done and done. I'm so impressed with the final look of all these projects, I now want to make a table, bench, or desk for every room in my house.


Here's a simple coffee table from Erin Jane. Perfect for a game of Uno.

And a lovely craft desk from Kate Miss. She stained the wood.

This is a weathered entry bench by Angela Ferdig. I love how thick the slab of wood is.

What about this wood plank table from Hindsvik Blog? I would definitely want this in a country house.

Seems doable, right? Some of these projects were done for as little as $30! Definitely worth a try.

Would you make your own table?

Top image via Silvia Song's coffee table

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