Bethenny Frankel Can Thank Booze for Her Fancy, New Home

bethenny's apartmentBethenny Frankel took $5 million out of that $120 million she got from selling her Skinnygirl brand and bought herself, hubby Jason, and baby Bryn a swank new pad. That's a lot of margaritas.

The apartment is actually in the same TriBeCa building as the home we all came to know and love on Bethenny Ever After. It's just way better. Bethenny and Co.'s new digs are a corner penthouse a floor above with four bedrooms and three baths. The place features a fireplace, wet bar and wine fridge, stone countertops, state-of-the-art surround sound for the entire home, a maid's room, a library, a doorman, her own parking space (virtually unheard of in NYC), and 16 large windows which apparently offer unbelievable views!

Congrats, Bethenny! I can't wait to come by and check it out over for a Skinnygirl Sangria sesh. Especially since I need to know the answer to one, burning question.


See, I wonder if Bethenny ever feels weird, rubbing elbows with all the rich snobs in NYC (her current building also played host to Jay-Z and Beyonce's super secret wedding) after making her millions from, well, a classic Mexican restaurant drink?

I don't think she should -- believe me, I would do anything to have the former Real Housewife's cash (okay, and maybe kind of sort of be her in general). But rich people can get weird (read: rude) about money. Remember Countess LuAnn when Andy Cohen asked her about Bethenny at the RHONY reunion? She acted like she was so above our girl. Haters gonna hate, I guess.

There's a big difference between old money and new money, and obviously, Bethenny falls into the latter. I hope she doesn't ever feel out of place or uncomfortable around some of the people she interacts with now, including other residents of her building. Because she worked hard for her monies and her margs are are worth every dollar! All 120 million of them.

How much do you love Bethenny?


Image via Trulia

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