5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Go Away for Labor Day

barbecueHey, guys, guess what? Labor Day is just around the corner. You know what that means? Summer is officially over. Later, flip-flops, bathing suits, and overall pleasant demeanor. Hello, Ugg boots, sweaters, and six long months of depressing sunless gloom.

How are you going to spend this final hurrah? Taking a quick trip to visit some friends? Renting a cabin in the middle of nowhere with family? Using your brother-in-law's beach cottage finally?

If you are, I'm here to tell you you're crazy. Going away Labor Day weekend is nothing short of insane. And here are five reasons why.


Traffic. Really, you don't need another reason than this. Traffic on Labor Day weekend -- any time, any day -- is a bitch. Your two-hour trip because four. Your four-hour trip becomes six. Your six-hour trip becomes calling the whole thing off because by the time you get there, it's going to be time to go home. Do yourself a favor, save the road trip for the following weekend. Ask your boss for the Monday off. If she says no, quit.

Hotels and flights are expensive as hell. Corporations are smart. They know how your brain works. Right now they're sitting behind their giant, menacing desks waiting for you, and everybody else, to book something with them. So their rates are through the roof. If you're a Rockefeller or Jay-Z, by all means, book away. If you're not, may as well hold off for a better deal.

Campgrounds are crowded. Oh, you want to spend your Labor Day all zen and one with nature? Good for you. So does the rest of the world. Trying to take a peaceful camping trip Labor Day weekend is never fun, because it literally is the opposite of peaceful. Un-peaceful.

You'll miss out on cool stuff in your neighborhood. It's not like everyone in the country is celebrating Labor Day except your town. They'll have stuff going on, too. Troll the Intarwebz and check out your local paper for fun stuff to do. There's bound to be something -- if there's not, you really should give some thought to moving.

You'll be more relaxed if you stay home. Going away is always stressful. Going away then having to work the next day? It essentially negates the entire vacation. Take advantage of the fact that you have a long weekend. Sleep in, barbecue in the back, hang with friends. And then, when nobody else is going on vacation, make your co-workers jealous by taking a fabulous trip.

Are you going away for Labor Day?


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