Stunning Playhouses Parents Will Want to Live In

At first glance this home looks like the classic American dream, a sunny cottage with a white picket fence. But if you take a closer peek, you'll realize that things look, well, a little miniature. That's because this house is actually a custom luxury playhouse built by La Petite Maison. Can you imagine the extravagant tea parties that take place inside? 

Take a look at the interior below. The details (like the grand staircase!) will amaze you. 


Slip-covered furniture and custom curtains. I wonder if the apples are real?

The staircase looks like it was definitely built to code.

This sunny little alcove might be the coziest spot in the house.

I wonder if this "play" kitchen has running water and a gas line for the stove?

While I'm fascinated by this playhouse and happy to get a look inside, I have to say that it's completely unappealing to me (not that I could ever afford it). I'm not sure kids would really feel like they could make a space like this their own.

Maybe I'll feel differently when I have grandkids and want to tempt them into coming to my house. It seems like a very Grandma thing to do. 

Are these elaborate playhouses fun to daydream about or a ridiculous splurge?


Images via La Petite Maison

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