The Big Problem Kate Middleton Has With Her New Home

kate middletonWell, another tidbit about Kate Middleton has been revealed that adds to the things we have in common. She doesn't want her neighbors seeing into her home. And can you blame us? I eat spoonfuls of peanut butter out of the jar in my underwear; she's a future queen. How about a little privacy, people?

Apparently after she and Prince William moved into their Kensington Palace abode a few weeks ago, Nottingham Cottage, they realized (or realised) that their property is overlooked by other apartments. We're not talking, like, apartments of random people, but flats that members of the royal staff live in.

But still, that ain't cool.


The couple looked at other possibilities, but have decided to stay where they are for the time being since this place isn't technically a full-time residence. Prince William is finishing his RAF posting in North Wales, so they're back and forth fairly often.

I don't have many stipulations when moving into a place, but having people see into my house is one of them. The home is supposed to be the one place on earth we shouldn't feel self-conscious or "watched." And it's a terrible feeling if that's the case.

A few years ago, when my now-husband and I first moved in together, we chose an apartment in Los Angeles that was on the bottom floor of a circular-shaped complex. When we initially checked out the place, it seemed fine enough. New hardwood floors, lots of light, and the complex seemed dead. (In fact, the majority of the residents were well into their 80s.) Sure, why not, we thought as we handed over our first month's rent and security deposit. How intrusive could these octogenarians get?

About four months after we moved in, the building was sold. No longer was the kind, middle-aged man the owner, but an early-30s douchebag who forced all the oldies out since they were section eight tenants. My husband and I managed to stay since our rent was significantly higher.

I watched as the next few weeks brought in two new couples, and a recently divorced 35-year-old. They all lived next to each other. They all lived directly across from us.

Long story short, our living situation became a nightmare. We couldn't open our blinds since everyone would be able to see directly in -- and I say "everybody" because they were literally hanging out every night of the week, getting hammered and being all-around intrusive. If we opened our blinds for a split second, it was all, "Hey, come over. Have a beer. Come on, have a beer. HAVE A BEER!!!!"

We were perennially in what felt like a dorm and it sucked. College had been many moons ago for both of us, and neither he nor I wished to relive it.

My husband and I currently live on the third floor of a brownstone. Sure, it gets hotter than a fart in a mitten up here in the summer -- and walking up three flights of stairs doesn't help -- but we have our privacy. And, really, nothing beats that. Except maybe central air. And you know the Duchess already has that.

What are your house-hunting stipulations?



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