Throw a Craft Party With Your Kids for Winnie the Pooh's 90th Birthday

Pooh Getting CardWith the Winnie the Pooh movie out in theaters, it’s already been the Summer of Pooh around this house (snicker snicker -- God, I’m so 12). But when I heard that August 21 is the original Winnie the Pooh’s 90th birthday, I knew we’d have to have some sort of fanfare for our pal at our house.

Edward Bear, the inspiration for the bedtime stories that became the Winnie the Pooh books, was given by A.A. Milne to his son Christopher when he turned 1 year old -- on August 21, 1921. He now lives at the New York Public Library, along with Eeyore, Piglet, Kanga, and Tigger (suck it, Lottie the Otter), and they’re throwing a party for him this summer.

Okay, so I moved away and can’t go. But we decided we could still celebrate and send in some cards and crafts. See if you aren’t inspired to join in! 


First, I explored the web for printables. I found a bunch at the Disney website, and settled on a mask and a honey pot. The mask ... didn't happen. Not with a 2-year-old, plus I didn't have the requisite million different colors of construction paper. But the honey pot came out very cute, and served as a centerpiece while we were working!

Bonus: When I was doing something the kids couldn't join in on, I handed them the safety scissors and the leftovers from the template to keep them busy.

Pooh Hunny Pot Printable

Next, I printed out some party invitations and let the girls add their own "messages." I sure hope the NYPL has a good translation service!

Pooh Party Invitations
While they were doing that, I found some original illustrations on Google and typed in some text from the books. I was glad to find I still knew a bunch of the poems by heart.

Printout of illustrations

Inspired by other crafters, I got busy with a little card-stock, a little Modge-Podge, a little construction paper -- and soon I had a few options to show the girls.

Card 1

Card 2

Signed, sealed ...

Happy Birthday Winnie the Pooh!

and ready to go!

Envelope for Pooh

Meanwhile, I got a wild hair and printed some of the illustrations onto iron-on T-shirt transfers. I used leftover fabric from another product, a sort of rough muslin ...

Fabric With Pooh Printout

... and mounted them on $1.50 embroidery hoops to hang. If I get inspired, I'll add some actual embroidery, but in the meantime, I think they're quite nice as they are!

Tree Hoop PoohPooh In The Woods


If you and your kids have your own Pooh party (final snicker!), you can send your cards along to Winnie (note: they become property of the NYPL, can't be returned, and might be used in their publicity):

Winnie the Pooh
c/o Children's Center at 42nd Street
The New York Public Library
476 Fifth Avenue, Room 84
New York, NY 10018

How will you celebrate Winnie the Pooh's 90th birthday?


Top image via Disney

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