Get a Designer Coat Rack Without Spending the Cash

While I know it would be fun to fill my home with amazing designer finds, the budget doesn't always allow it. That's why I love coming across projects that give the designer look without the designer price. Danielle Thompson fell in love with the Eames Hang-It-All coat rack but couldn't quite justify the price, so she came up with a way to make a similar looking one herself. See some photos and details from her project below: 


Danielle started out with wooden dowels and pieces of wood to create a holder for the knobs to sit while they were painted and dried.

Here are the knobs after they've been spray-painted. I love the colors she chose!

The white rack is actually a tie rack that Danielle found at Target. She drilled holes in the knobs so that they fit on perfectly.

Doesn't the end product look great? For step-by-step instructions, check out the full tutorial on Danielle's blog.

Would you take the time to create a coat rack like this yourself or would you just fork over the cash?


Images via A Blog by Danielle Thompson

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