Turn Your Child's Room Into a 'Baby Bachelor Pad'

You wouldn't normally associate a deep shade of charcoal paint with a toddler's room, but when I see this space, I don't even question it. It just works! As does the mix of grown-up pieces, quirky kid-friendly decoration, and vintage. It all comes together for a bedroom that Erin, the mom and creator, aptly named Ike's Baby Bachelor Pad

Get a tour of the entire room, below (including a close-up shot of that amazing rocking chair):

The light fixture was found at an antiques store and spray-painted black to become a focal point of the room. I'm coveting the painting of the drummer.

Most of the artwork on the walls were thrift finds -- even that fab stuffed giraffe head. It makes a big impact for such a little amount of money.

The velvet blue rocker was repurposed from another room in the house. Isn't it a showstopper?

My favorite part of all might be the large Persian rug, which was another thrifty find. Bought used off Craigslist, it was a steal -- only $160!

What do you think of the "Baby Bachelor Pad"? Too sophisticated for a toddler, or super cool?


Images via design-crisis.com

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3rdCo... 3rdCoastTXtoast

I love the stuffed giraffe head and the rocking chair.

Carey Roberts

It's extremely cool from a design perspective but I think it's over the top from a parent/child perspective.

tuffy... tuffymama

Love it! This is in the same vein as my oldest's first bedroom. Midcentury furniture, slate walls, white linens, and regular art. It just seemed to fit his personality, and I was quite proud of it. My mother HATED it. She wanted him to have Disney sheets. Have you felt those things? No thread count! This room is gorgeous, though! The chandelier is KILLING me.

elija... elijahsmama09

Yuck. I hate the dreary gray and black.

Ashleigh Munson

I love it! It's clean and still fun. And it'll grow with the baby!

GlowW... GlowWorm889

I think it would look great for a preteen/teen boy's room, but for a nursery is a little drab and dreary. I'd go with brighter, softer colors. :)

nonmember avatar Heidi

I painted my little girl's room grey. It might not be as dark as the one above, but it is a delightful colour for a nursery. We love it. I paired it with yellow and white zig zag curtains and re-purposed an antique wardrobe and dresser. We have fun, graphic posters on the wall. None of it would be considered "baby" items, but our nursery feels very personal and those items can be used in the future as well.

Peajewel Peajewel

I love it.  I especially love the giraffe.  This is an awesome room that will grow with the little one for sure.



nonmember avatar Genevieve

love it...especially the picture of the drummer!

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