Amy Winehouse Proves Nobody Is Too Young for a Will

amy winehouseIn spite of Amy Winehouse's tumultuous past, I was still shocked at the singer's untimely death. She was just 27. Younger than me. And there's something wrong about people younger than you dying. Even if drugs are the cause.

I was almost as shocked to learn that she had an ironclad will. I can intellectualize that having one is important for a person with a fortune to their name, as well as a serious drug problem, but again, it leaves me with a funny feeling knowing that a 27-year-old dealt with something so finite, morbid, and legal.

After divorcing Blake Fielder-Civil, Winehouse eliminated him from her will. Her estimated $32 million fortune will now go to her parents and her brother. As someone who's experienced losing someone close, I know nothing could supersede the pain and sorrow they're feeling right now, but they must be the slightest bit relieved knowing that her money will go to those who tried to help her instead of the person who introduced her to hard drugs.


No doubt Winehouse's will -- and the revising of it -- was the work and guidance of somebody else. It was smart. And it makes me wonder if I, a perfectly stable person with no fortune to my name, should have a will myself.

The short answer: Sure. The long answer: Sure, but it's really not all that important for a person like myself. When I say a "person like myself," I'm referring to the fact that I don't have children and I don't have many assets. The valuable stuff that I do own -- my laptop, my car, my engagement ring -- would automatically go to my husband. The reason I technically should have a will is in the case of a freak accident. For instance, if (God forbid) I was in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver, my estate could have a wrongful death suit that results in millions of dollars. Without a will, the state would divvy up the money (and even then it probably wouldn't matter).

Am I going to run home tonight, meet with a lawyer, and draft up a will? No. I will probably wait until I have children to do that. Maybe then it will be less scary. Maybe more? But I know that it will be something that has to be done. Kind of like Amy's. Even if hers was for different reasons.

Do you have a will?

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