5 Ideas to Help Your Home Feel Sunny and Bright All Year

Sunny homeSpring may be synonymous with doing a big cleaning of the house, but it seems like fall is always time for fixing up the place. Maybe it's just because the busy, busy, busy of summer keeps us from noticing all that's going wrong around the house? Or maybe it's because the temperature's dipping and suddenly I'm looking for ways to hold on to that warm, sunny atmosphere that flooded in naturally straight through August.

The good thing is keeping the house bright and cozy doesn't really take a lot of bank. I mean, everybody's on a budget these days, right? And even those of us who don't have a DIY bone in our bodies could use a little sunshine on a cloudy day. So let's take a look at some of the fast fixes for fall:


Pull Out the Paintbrush: There's nothing drearier than a room with dark, dank walls. Slather on some bright colors -- yellows, whites, oranges -- to bring the sun's glow into your home. You'd be surprised what a difference it can make all by itself.

Mirrors, Mirrors, Belong on the Wall: Natural light is your friend -- it's a lot cheaper than the electric kind. Maximize the rays that make their way into your house with careful placement of mirrors that can bounce it around into dark corners.

Light Those Candles: Keep the feel of summer alive with light, fresh scents that make you feel like you're still able to lie out in the hammock at night . . . even though you'd probably have to bring your parka.

Pick Your Fabrics Wisely: We tend to load down the furniture with heavy stuff this time of the year -- wool blankets for cuddling on the coach and thick thermal curtains. This is where color matters. A pastel blanket is much cheerier than a dingy gray one!

Move the Furniture: You may have shifted the dining room table so you didn't have the sun in your eyes while you read the morning paper in July. Now's the time to move it back so you can soak up the Vitamin K.

What are you best tricks for a sunny home?


Image via flickrsven/Flickr

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