World's Craziest Pet Hotels Pamper Your Pooch to the Extreme

pet hotelsWhen I passed my neighbor on my way home from work during the height of the heat wave a few days ago, it was clear he didn't have air conditioning. His face was a shade of eggplant and tiny beads of sweat seemed to coat his entire body like a new layer of skin. I felt bad. Not just because he didn't have AC, but because I knew my precious shih tzu was sitting at home sound asleep to the hum of our LG window unit.

See, as embarrassing as it can be, as a pet owner, there's very little I wouldn't do for my pup. I'll have a $400 electric bill for him. I'll take him for haircuts more expensive than mine. And I'll give him treats when he sneezes 'cause he's just so damn cute when he does. But I still don't think I'd take him to any of these hotels with crazy pet perks. Mainly because I can't afford them, but partly because ri-dog-gone-diculous.

(But mainly because I can't afford them.)



The hotel: The Ritz Carlton, New York City

The crazy perks: Guests staying at the hotel can get the Pampered Pooch package, which comes with wrought-iron pet beds, 22-karat gold plated ID tags, home-baked dog treats, and a Burberry raincoat for you and your dog should it rain during your stay.

loews hotel

The hotel: Loews Hotels, Nashville

The crazy perks: In the music capital of our country, our dogs get to be singers, too. Part of their Vacations for Pets package, dogs are whisked off to a recording studio in a limo, where they work with a voice coach and cut a CD.

The hotel: The Muse Hotel, New York City

The crazy perks: The Muse allows you -- and your pet -- to unwind after a long day of sightseeing with a "Hers and Furs Pet-icure." Okay, this one I would totally do.

dog passport

The hotel: The Only&Only, Palmilla, Mexico

The crazy perks: Not only will your dog enjoy dining on the finest organic chicken and wild salmon money can buy, he'll also enjoy having his photo taken for his "Dog Passport." Yes. A Dog Passport.

mandarin oriental

The hotel: The Mandarin Oriental, Miami

The crazy perks: To ensure your pup doesn't get fat on her vacation, the Mandarin offers a certified personal trainer for her to work out with at Doggie Boot Camp. And when she comes home, she can slip into something more comfortable -- like a Swarovski crystal-emblazoned bathrobe.

What are some of the crazy things you do for your pet?


Images via Sarah_Ackerman/Ritz Carlton/Loews Hotel/The Muse Hotel/Only&Only/Mandarin Oriental

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