Best & Easiest Decor Ideas for Commitment-Phobes

Restickable Decal FramesTrue story: I once had to ask for my deposit back from a tattoo studio after weeks of working on an elaborate design because I chickened out. In fact, I'm such a commitment-phobe that I can’t even buy an item of clothing without having a breakdown in the dressing room. Needless to say, we’ve lived in this apartment for a year and a half now and still haven’t put anything on the walls.

And that's not just because my landlady has a long list of things she doesn’t want on the walls (tape, mounting squares, nails, pushpins, to name a few). It’s because I can’t deal with making these huge decisions. Which is why I’ve hunted down some semi-permanent décor ideas that’ll thrill you, then disappear on cue. (You know, like your college boyfriend!)


Everyone's gone decal-crazy lately. Here's a neat twist: decal photo frames. For me, they’re the perfect earthquake-proof way to put up pictures. I can see them working in a kids’ room or a cramped hallway or, well, go nuts, right? There are many versions, but my favorites are $20 for 8 at
If you don't dig what's out there, there are several DIY versions of these stick-on, pull-off options that do seem to be worth trying: You can use liquid starch to upholster your walls with beautiful (vintage?) fabrics (it comes off with water when you want it to), and even create shapes and patterns with fabric in a very decal-like way.
Contact paper can also be removed without too much fuss, and can be used to gussy up a small space (like a recessed rectangle or under-stair triangle). Even more fun, some moms use clear contact paper on the walls of the kids’ room and let them draw on them. A permanent mural would be a horror show, but for a few months, they can enjoy their own designs -- though, this works better with older kids who understand the subtleties of appropriate time and place.
Of course, since I have a few precious rugs from my grandpa’s store on hand, I’ve also been known to hang a beautiful rug or quilt on the wall as well. The nice thing about textiles on the wall is that they don’t just add color -- they add texture.
My apartment also has wall-to-wall carpeting that I am not crazy about, but I can’t change because, well, it’s a rental, and the landlady does have those rules. I just went ahead and chose more of my grandpa’s rugs in colors that complement the maroon of the carpet, and layered the rugs in a way that pleases my eye. Some experts also recommend a good steam cleaning to brighten up a rug that’s seen better days. You can rent steam cleaners at Home Depot, in fact.

I used to explore old farmhouses up in Maine, where I used to spend my summers, and many of them had this old-style linoleum that was painted to look like rugs. How I loved that look, and wished people hadn't given it up in favor of boring tan blocks. Well, check this out: A few crafty people have started painting their own floor cloth canvas (you can also buy them pre-painted), which, when prepared correctly, is supposed to last as long as you want it to and can brighten up a dull kitchen without all the fuss of a new floor. In fact, I can see this as the perfect crafty solution for under a high-chair!
How have you made a semi-permanent change to your home? Any of these appeal to you? Tell us in the comments!

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