Kate Middleton's $1,500 Decorations Could Be Deadly

duchess catherine
If she loves candles so much, why doesn't she marry them?
Duchess Catherine and her Prince William have finally returned home to London after a lovely tour of North America. (I totally typed that in a British accent, btw.) The royal couple has moved into a two-bedroom apartment, or cottage, depending on who you ask, and Kate has been busy decorating their new place. The flat, which is on the Kensington Palace grounds, apparently needed a little upkeep though. Sources told Us Weekly that Kate thought it smelled old and musty.

Which totally makes sense, it's been around since the 1600s. So what did Kate decide to do? She went out and bought a shit-ton of scented candles -- about $1,500 worth.

Uh oh. Somebody hasn't been reading The Stir, have they, Duchess?


Scented candles are deadly! Or, at least, they're not entirely harmless. Filled with nasty chemicals like formaldehyde and lead, scented candles are not really the best thing to use if you're trying to rid your home of that gross damp smell, like Kate. I wish she had called me before making her purchase.

And for $1,500, she's got to be getting a lot of candles. Even if they're $100 a pop, that's still way more candles than I've probably ever seen in my lifetime. The Daily Mail says that Kate ordered a six months' supply of air-fresheners and candles by home-wares designer Kelly Hoppen. Hoppen, coincidentally, is slated to redesign Kate and Will's flat to match their modern lifestyle and tastes. Guess it's going to be a regular old scented candle fest in there.

I for one can't stand a scented candle anymore. I used to love them, but about five years ago, something in me changed and now they give me incredible heartburn. I don't know if it's the cancer in me that's waking up or what, but now I'm nervous about visiting Kate and Wills. How will I survive?

Sigh. No royal visits for me. Because, yeah, scented candles are the only reason I'm not going into the Duke and Duchess' quarters. Nothing to do with not being invited. Nope. Candles, all candles' fault.

Your take?

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