Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall in 4 Steps

I love the look of gallery walls. I think I've either created one or had one in the works for every house I've lived in. But they're a lot of work to hang! Especially if you're worried about putting misplaced holes in the walls.

That's why my ears perked up when I was watching an episode of Secrets From a Stylist and host Emily Henderson shared her foolproof way for getting the composition of frames just right. Check out her tips below. 


Step 1: Lay the artwork out on the floor as you want it to appear on the wall. Keep everything balanced but don't worry about being perfectly symmetrical. Make sure the colors and sizes are evenly distributed. 

Step 2: Make a template the size of the frame out of paper. Mark on the paper exactly where the nail should go.

Step 3: Tape the paper templates in the same composition on the wall and nail through the paper at the marked spots.  

Step 4: Rip off paper and hang frames on nails.

Pretty easy, right? But worth the extra steps so you don't end up with extra holes in your wall.

Have you ever hung a gallery wall? Are you a perfectionist that rehangs until the display is exactly right? Or do you hang them where you please and never look back?

P.S. — To see more from Emily, watch her on Secrets From a Stylist on HGTV (available for online viewing too!) and read her blog.

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