Courteney Cox Tries to Dethrone Gwyneth as Queen of Style

Courteney CoxLook, I’m not here to bash Gwyneth Paltrow. There are too many people who do that better than I could. I’m just here to say that when it comes to lifestyle decisions, if I had to choose between Gwyneth or Courteney Cox … I thought I would stick with the design-obsessed Friends star over the princessy GOOP goddess.
They’re both established experts with their own lifestyle outlets. Gwyneth has GOOP, a site where she shares recipes, products, etiquette questions, and travel notes. Courteney just joined Jane Pratt (who brought us the magazines Sassy and Jane) as the home editor for xoJane. She also produced a show on the We network, Mix It Up, that tried to create harmony between clashing roommates.
And from what I've seen so far -- as much as it upsets me -- I mesh much better with ice queen Paltrow than with the down-to-earth Cox.


For one thing, Courteney’s first post for xoJane featured a $9 drugstore hair dye and her favorite makeup. Um, 'scuse me: what part of the "home" do I use that on? I do not have the Amy Sedaris hair-sample lampshade, so why this is the kickoff for a home-design column is beyond me.

Furthermore, I already know which affordable hair dye I can use in a pinch. This isn't the advice I need from a well-connected celeb; I’d rather she told us how to do a professional dye job at home, which is what I do thanks to a colorist friend who spent an afternoon giving me the greatest and most useful tutorial I’ve ever gotten.
On the other hand, the beauty tips from GOOP include this $20 “updo kit” from Ricky’s (a really fantastic drugstore chain in New York City that I miss terribly!), Epsom salts, Dr. Bronners cheap-o soap, and the same home hot olive-oil treatment my grandma used to give me.

As for actual home tips (as in, once again, Courteney is supposed to be the home editor), Paltrow came through for me again with ideas for home-organization spreadsheets, a funny complaint about getting an error message from her fancy coffee-maker (not relatable, but oddly endearing), green-house tips, some simple crafts and flower-arranging advice, and a pretty detailed step-by-step look at a high-speed renovation she did in Nashville. She manages to make me drool with envy while still including some vaguely affordable tips, which makes the whole thing way more believable than "hi, I used to get a million dollars an episode but I use Nice n Easy," pants on fire.

I’m worried. I really, really want to prefer Courteney. And I know she has design chops -- I adore the Elle Décor layout of her Malibu home, with its vintage bar stools and Harland Miller art. I even appreciated the design tips she snuck into Monica Geller’s mouth -- she’s right, it is better to fold the end of the packing tape into a triangle!
So I’m hoping that as her advice column grows, it becomes more interesting, more useful, and more ... just more! Come on, Courteney. I’m counting on you!
Who would you rather take style advice from -- Courteney Cox or Gwyneth Paltrow?

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