Enchanting Harry Potter Décor That's Not Just Kids' Stuff

Harry Potter BlanketWere you at the midnight premiere? Have you been in a frenzy for the past few days, celebrating the beginning of the end of the Harry Potter movies? If your house is filled to the brim with Potter fans – and it’s bound to be, since this is the only movie in recent memory that has captured the imaginations of such a wide audience – you can bring the movie home with all sorts of Harry Potter-themed décor.
And I’m not talking tchotchkes on the mantle, either. You can make Harry Potter a truly immersive experience.


If you want sheets and bedding, well, you’ll have to try your luck on eBay. But it’s easy to get this fleece blanket (shown above, $50 at Amazon). It’s not my kinda thing – personally, I want to feel like I am Harry Potter, an effect that’s sort of ruined if he’s staring balefully at me from my bed. But that’s why they make 31 flavors of treacle tart!

Hogwarts BannerNo study-area is complete without a Hogwarts banner ($12.99 at Amazon)! You can also get a Gryffindor one, if that floats your boat. I know I’d have felt a lot more studious if I’d seen myself as Hermione, capable of learning spells that’d leave my male counterparts speechless, rather than just … me, capable only of reminding Mr. Scherzer that he forgot to assign us the essay he mentioned. Sad trombone.





Gryffindor DecalPosters are so blah. They just sit there on the wall, and they’re not really part of the room. Stick-on decals, on the other hand, can go anywhere and change the look of a room – and move around if you don’t like them. Both the Hogwarts and Gryffindor crests ($17 at Amazon) would look great on either side of a door, in a hallway, or what the heck – in a living room, over the couch!




Harry Potter PillowAs long as we’re in the living room, how’s about adding a couple throw pillows ($30 at wbshop.com) and a fancier tapestry throw ($35 at wbshop.com)? Your couch has never felt so enchanted. (Or nerdy, but that’s okay.)








Harry Potter White BoardAnd in the kitchen, a Proclamation white-board ($50 at ThinkGeek) that everyone will actually want to use – though instead of noting that you’re out of milk again, they’re more likely to scribble “YOU SHALL NOT HAS!” But hey – it’s a start. Communication is good!











Wand RemoteAnd people, I have saved the absolute best for last. Do not, under any circumstances, mention this to my step-son Eli before November 19. It is … wait for it … a wand-shaped programmable TV remote ($90 at ThinkGeek) that really works. Does this count as décor? It goes in the living room, so I’m going to say yes. Yes, it does!





Do you think Harry Potter-themed decor works for the whole house if you use it the right way, or is this strictly for the kids? Tell us in the comments!

Images via Amazon, WBShop.com,ThinkGeek

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