Carmageddon Won't Detour Me This Weekend

carmageddonIt's happening, people. Carmageddon 2011 is hitting Los Angeles this weekend, and I'm right smack in the middle of it all. Los Angeles isn't exactly known for its ease of movement when it comes to traffic, so this weekend when the 405 is shut down, we'll all be pushed into a smaller area of travel. This is not good, as illustrated by the apocalyptic nickname.

However, I've got two kids, a husband, and a dog, and I'm not letting Carmageddon stop me from going places! No, I can't make it to the beach, but just like Mad Max, I can still get beyond Thunderdome. Eat my dust, Carmageddon.


While I'm inclinded to take a $4 flight on JetBlue from Burbank to Long Beach -- after all, it's looking like a fabulous beach weekend -- it appears that tickets sold out in like, three hours. Apparently there are a ton of people who want to get to the airport an hour before their flight, go through the TSA screening, then take a five minute flight and turn around do it all over again. I can't decide if it's more disturbing that this sold out, or that I really wish I were going to be on board.

However, all is not lost as if I want to get downtown, or to LAX (so I can presumably go to Hawaii for the weekend and avoid this altogether), I can hire a helicopter taxi for the low price of $150. That's right, I said helicopter taxi. In LA, you go big or you go home. That, and people here are are freaking crazy.

Of course, there's the regular public transportation, like the subway, if I really want to get from Studio City to downtown. Yes, Los Angeles totally has a subway. Didn't you see Speed? I can get to know the Metro schedule, and see what L.A. is like underground. No, really, it will be cool.

Okay, I'm totally not doing any of that. Instead, the best way to beat Carmaggedon will be go load up on groceries before nightfall on Friday, and stay home. Kind of like what you people on the East Coast did right before those five thousand blizzards last winter.

Are you battling Carmageddon this weekend? What's your defense?


Image via biofriendly/Flickr

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