Man Who Built His Own Real-Life 'Up' House Nailed It (PHOTOS)

Bangerter Homes As if my real-estate envy weren’t bad enough just living here in San Francisco, where $400K doesn’t even get you a studio apartment in a safe neighborhood, I just saw this: A house in Utah built to look, inside and out, just like the home in the Pixar movie Up!
It’s so picture-perfect, Penelope jumped up and down when she saw it and yelled, “Grandpa and the boy! Grandpa and the boy! Can we watch it?” So if you missed your chance to buy the Marley and Me house, here's your opportunity to live in a Hollywood movie yet again.
How the real Up house came to be, and whether more homes like this are on the horizon, is a terrific little tale. Wait'll you see it!


The attention to detail in Pixar films is legendary. I remember hearing an interview with Up’s director, Pete Docter, in which he talked about the photos on the wall in the house’s stairway, and how, if you looked at them, you could see Carl’s whole life played out in faded snapshots. It’s one of the things that makes the movie such a crazy tear-jerker so outrageously effective.
And, I mean, is Utah the most offbeat place on earth, or what? From kooky dads to dance champs, it seems to be home to some pretty hip folks. Add to the list Blair Bangerter, part of the third generation to run Bangerter Homes in Utah. He watched the movie dozens of times, sketched out a house plan, and took the plans to Disney to ask if they could get permission to build a replica.

Disney said yes – but only once. This house can never be built again. People are already flocking to see it – and have offered to buy it, too. Wouldn’t you?
The house is completely livable and even energy-efficient, definitely not just a gimmick. And you’ve waited long enough. Have a look at the amazing images! And if you simply must have an Up house of your own, well, you’re in luck – all you need is a printer and some card stock!


Bangerter Homes

 Bangerter Homes
 Bangerter Homes

Bangerter Homes

Bangerter Homes

Would you live in the Up house? Or would you rather live in the Zathura house (my favorite), the estate from Downton Abbey, or Mary Tyler Moore’s apartment? Tell us in the comments!

Images via Bangerter Homes

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