Painting the Floor -- Do You Dare?

We've all heard that a coat of paint is the easiest way to bring new life to a room, but what if the paint went on the floor instead of the wall?

While it could be a little risky to cover up original hardwood, it might be just the thing some of your less attractive floors need (cement laundry room anyone?). And while some of these examples look extremely time consuming, I think there are some definitely doable ideas as well. Shall we take a look?


The glossy faux bois in this kitchen draws your eye in immediately.

This lace and floral stencil ones are what I meant when I said time consuming. The hard work definitely shows and adds a wow to the rooms.

Chevron seems to be the pattern of the moment, and this super-high-gloss version looks extra glam.


Stripes are always a classic. You can go with simple white or take a more colorful, geometric approach with a painted area rug look.

After looking at these, I'm craving a painted floor project. If I had a garage, I think I'd start there. Bikes and cars would look happier with a painted parking spot. 

What do you think, too time consuming or worth it for the end look?

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