Latest Facebook Trend Confirms Pet People Are Insane

cat facebookLike smokers, pet owners share a special bond. People who don't own a dog, a cat, or a hamster simply can't relate to those of us who do. They think we're loony for spending the cash we spend on them, nutty for having their (adorable) photo as our phone screensaver, and disgusting for kissing them on the mouth. (We all do that, right, pet owners?)

But as a dog owner -- and a lover of all animals in general -- I think it's loony, nutty, and doggone disgusting to create a Facebook page for your pet. Apparently, a lot of people beg to differ, though.


A new "study" didn't find clues to an AIDS or cancer cure, but that 10 percent of pets are on Facebook. In other words, one of the 10 cats you know might send you a friend request in the near future. I say: Do not accept.

We need to put a stop to this, fellow pet owners. The rest of the world already thinks we're insane. It's okay to freak out over our dogs and cats in the privacy of each other's company. But in front of "them," we need to act "cool" and "stable." Creating Facebook pages for our pets only adds fuel to their "we're crazy" fire. Do we honestly want them conjuring an image of us toiling away at the computer for hours, coming up with pithy status updates ("I just chewed up a pair of my mommy's Jimmy Choos") and creating "vacation" albums? (Even though it would be so fun!) It would be creepy to them. They don't get us. We're different. (We're special.)

Why not create a blog for your pet instead? Sure, it's probably more time consuming, but at least every person you've ever encountered won't have to know it exists. And if they stumble upon it, that means they were stalking you -- and that's more creepy than a Facebook pet page.

Do you have a Facebook page for your pet?

Image via olga.palma/Flickr

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