Pegboards Add Interest to Every Room in Your Home

Ever since Julia Child and her famous kitchen became a fixture of American TV, I think everyone has not only looked at cooking differently, but the use of pegboard too. Before it was maybe just something used to hang tools in the garage, but once Julia's husband Paul lined their kitchen with it and used it to display all those gorgeous copper pots, there was a bingo! moment where people realized they could use it in other parts of their home as well.

Although some may still think it looks too industrial or cheap (it is happily inexpensive!), take a look at these following uses. I think you'll be surprised to see its functionality and visual interest.


The idea of using it to line the walls of your closet is pretty darn genius. Accessories never had it so good.

A bright and slightly updated version of Julia's famous wall.

This traditional use in the garage makes me want to go on an organizing binge.

The girls at Konto Kontur use pegboard for their office supplies. It looks pretty chic, right?

Organizing wrapping paper is always a hassle. I like this wrapping station built around pegboard.

Are you convinced now that it can work in any room of the house? I think it's time for some summer cleaning! 

Images: Julia Child's kitchen, closet from Martha Stewart, kitchen from Domino Magazine, garage from Martha Stewart, Kontor Kontur, Lara Robby

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