My Family & Me Re-enacting Old Family Photos Was a Blast! (PHOTOS)

Here's a really fun activity I did with my stepkids that you can crib for your family. There's an online art project called "YoungMe/NowMe" (soon to be a book, $10.17 at Amazon), started by online artist/comedian ZeFrank, that shows family photos in a "then and now" style. Another project is called "Like Mom, Like Dad," and as you can imagine, you take an iconic photo of your parent and stick yourself in the same pose.

It's marvelously addicting to look at the photos and incredibly effective as a nostalgia-inducer. And as my family recently found out, it's a sweet and funny way to spend an afternoon, with the bonus of giving you a great art project to put on your walls!


Here's how it works: You pick a few great family photos, and then see how far you can go in re-creating every detail of the picture. Can you get the same hat? A similar one? The same color shirt?

Talk about what makes the picture special. Is it the look on your face? What do you think that person was thinking? Can you make the same face? What's in the background? What do you remember about what you were holding?

Consider different ways to re-create the photo. Should you use the same kid? Should you re-create a picture of an older kid and substitute a younger kid, to compare similarities? How are you the same? How are you different? What makes for the funniest contrast?

I can't tell you how much fun these were for our family. The best part is that because you've got something specific to focus on, you're not stuck in that same old "would you please smile and stop acting like this photo is killing you?" nagging role.

I'm going to embark on Round 2 of this project when my parents visit, later in the summer. And oh, I've got some great ideas for next year's holiday card!

Eli in 2001
My stepson Eli in 2001
Eli in 2011
Ten-year-old Eli in 2011







Max and a phone, then ... Penny and a phone, now ... Max and a phone, now!
Phone it in: My stepson Max, then ... My daughter Penny, now ... Max at 14, now!

Randy and Abby
My hubs Randy and our daughter Abby
Randy and MaxSimilar shot of Randy with baby Max

And of course, me then...
And of course, me then ...








...and me now!... and me now!











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