The One Spot in the House Men AREN'T Slobs (PHOTOS)

sock drawerWhat do your socks say about you? Apparently a lot according to a new survey from that not only ranks the cities with the messiest sock drawers (Charleston, W.V.), but also reveals what your sock drawer says about you. As far as my house goes, the results are dead on.

It claims that people who are the most Type-A and appear the most organized to the outside world have the messiest sock drawers. Yep, that would be me. I'm about as anal about organization as you can get when it comes to most things -- just try leaving something on my kitchen counter and watch me physically squirm with a need to find a place for it. When it comes to my sock drawer, however ... well, here take a look:


sock drawer

I don't even have much of a sock drawer really because I never take time to put them there. I just put them all in the "lost sock" basket, and when I need socks, I dump them out and try to find a match. It would be much more effective to fold and sort them when they come out of the dryer, yes, but I detest laundry enough that I'm usually done when it comes to socks. So into my sad little basket they go.

The study also found that men are more likely to have organized sock drawers than women. Yep, right again in my house.

My husband -- who does his own laundry due to my, uh, challenges in this area (how the hell am I supposed to know if something that's blue and white striped goes in the whites or colors pile?) --  is largely a pretty laid back guy. His sock drawer (in the first picture above), however, is neat as a pin compared to mine. There are no strays; they're all folded; and I think his white socks are whiter too, huh.

So it seems in our home at least's study is spot on ... and perhaps my husband should start doing my laundry.

What do the sock drawers in your house look like?

Images via Julie Ryan Evans

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