We Took Our Dog to Work Today! (PHOTOS)

jack russell terrierHey, everybody, it's Take Your Dog to Work Day! Are you gonna do it? Go on, do it! Your boss won't let you? Aw, that's too bad. 'Cause, guess what? Mine did!

Actually, correction, my boss let me borrow a dog for the day. She would have let me bring mine in -- you know, the guy in this picture -- but there's no way my little one was making the trip on the subway. That would be bad for him -- and everybody around us. Yip, yip, yip! So, our office neighbor was kind enough to lend me her adorable Jack Russell, Mila, for the day. Boy, was she busy.

You're also probably wondering why all these photos of Mila's "work day" are up so early. Truth is, I work from home on Fridays. With my dog. But pictures of him sitting on the couch while I'll tippy-tap at my laptop wouldn't be as cute. Alright, enough with the details, on to Mila's big day at work!


jack russell terrier

As you can see, Mila started off her day like the rest of us at The Stir ... by reading The Stir! All she wanted to read about was dogs, dogs, dogs, though. However, I do think she picked up a few good grooming tips. Good girl.

jack russell terrier

Next, it was time for work. What, did you think that just because Mila is all little and cute she wouldn't have to get down to business? This is an office, people! Nobody's exempt.

jack russell terrier

Conference calls. They're annoying, but they come with the territory, right, Mila? I believe she was on a call with France and Japan here. Dogs have no regard for time zones anymore, do they?

jack russell terrier

Lunch break! We ordered burritos, Mila's favorite. We all got chips and salsa on the side; she preferred lamb jerky. There's always one finicky eater per office.

jack russell terrier

Uh-oh. What do we have here? Looks like Mila was trying to snag some office supplies. She claims she just "fell asleep" near them, but you never know with Jack Russells. And that's a really nice stapler.

jack russell terrier

Time for a coffee break. We offered to get her Starbucks, but she said she was fine with what was in the office. So low-maintenance, that puppy. But between you and me, I think she was wishing she got an iced frap.

jack russell terrierAnd here's Mila leaving. Bye-bye, little girl. Thanks for joining us. And, hey, if you're ever looking to go full-time, the position's yours.

Are you taking your dog to work today?

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