'Marley & Me' House Is for Sale & Looks Just Like It Did in the Movie (Photos)

marley and me houseLast night I was surprised -- and thrilled! -- that one of my all-time favorite movies was on TV -- Marley & Me. I've seen it quite a few times, and the thing that always stands out for me -- besides the adorable dog scenes -- is the breathtakingly lovely Pennsylvania stone farmhouse Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston (John and Jenny Grogan in the movie) move into near the end of the movie. So you can imagine my excitement to learn this morning that the farmhouse -- the exact one that appeared in the film -- is on the market.

And guess what? It looks just like it did in the movie!


Selling for a cool $1.25 million, the gorgeous five-bedroom house (and four outbuildings) sits on 16 acres. The current owners of the home, John and Lisa Ennis, put it on the market because now that their three kids have moved out, they wish to downsize.

The local newspaper reports that "most of the Ennises’ Americana-inspired furniture, quilts, found objects, and artwork -- including Lisa’s photography -- remained in the house during filming." And, if you look at the photos on the real estate site, you might just have flashbacks to the movie -- I know I did! The shot of the front of the house (shown above) is exactly what the audience sees when the Grogans, their three kids, and, of course, Marley pull into their new home.

Here's where the Grograns (and likely the Ennises) would crowd around the table for dinner.

marley and me house


Remember the scene where Marley gets sick and can’t walk up the stairs anymore (*author wipes away tear*)? In the movie, Owen Wilson makes him a bed downstairs next to the fireplace so he can be comfortable:

marley and me house


And this shot reminds everyone of the movie's best scene: When the Grogan kids, who have never seen snow before, make snow angels while Marley frolics in the snowflakes nearby:

marley and me house


God, I love this movie -- and this house! Likely, the home's only downside is fanatical people like me who would drive by just to see where Marley "lived."


Images via Holly Gross Group

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