5 Surprising ‘People’ Foods Your Dog Will Love

a cute dogI try to keep my dog away from table food, really, I do. And I do a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. Of course every once in a while, I can't help but drop a couple pieces of turkey on the floor. Oh, and every morning Onion gets a single Cheerio while I'm eating mine -- because he sounds so cute crunching away (I'm well aware that I'm disgusting). But my husband -- and father! -- are another story.

Every night while we're eating dinner, my husband feels the need to give Onion, who's giving us a death stare, a little piece of whatever we're dining on. And my dad? He literally makes a trip to the grocery store to buy packages of Stella D'oro cookies, because that's what his dog -- and my dog when he's there -- "likes." It's ridiculous.

But ... a new list came out with the best people food for our dogs. So we can all breathe a sigh of relief the next time our neighbor gives Fido a piece of cheese at the barbecue.


The complete list is here, but check out these five (common) foods that are great for dogs.

Popcorn. Coincidentally, also a cute name for a dog. Air-popped popcorn is a great low-calorie snack for your pup (and you). Skip the salt, butter, hot sauce, and whatever other crazy thing you like atop of it, and throw a few pieces on the floor. Not only will he/she love the crunch, the potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium are beneficial, too.

Sweet Potatoes. This one takes a little work, but experts suggest slicing up the Thanksgiving treat and dehydrating them to make a chew toy for your dog. They'll love the taste (my dog does!) and will get dietary fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, beta carotene, and magnesium.

Yogurt. Sounds kind of weird, but the live active bacteria will help your dog with digestion and protect him from harmful bacteria (and it's good protein and calcium) -- just make sure it doesn't have sugars and artificial sweeteners in it.

Berries. Who knew? Apparently, dogs reap the same benefits from the sweet fruits that we do -- and they really like them frozen!

Green Beans. These are good for dogs prone to weight gain -- and they're rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, plant fiber, and manganese. Try replacing some of your dog's food with green beans. Not only will she love them, they'll fill her up!

Do you feed your dog table food?

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