4 Homemade Father's Day Card Ideas for Grownup Kids

father's day card ideasFather's Day is just two days away and I've done it again. I waited too long to buy a card, and now all that's left is the cheesy rejects. Or the really mushy ones with lines about "values, wisdom, and strength," "I'm proud to be your daughter," or "I can only hope to be as good a parent as you are" blah-blah-vomit.

My dad doesn't want that sentimental crap. He wants to open his funny card crammed with lottery tickets.

Since I missed that chance, I'm going to do what my kids do: make my own Father's Day card for my dad -- grownup style. It's easier than you think, you'll save face, and your dad might actually be a little impressed -- though if he's anything like my father, he probably won't admit that.

Let these four ideas inspire you like they did me:


1. Lottery ticket card. This idea, using whatever online printable you like, is SO perfect for my dad I can't tell you. I always imagined that silver gunk you scratch off lottery tickets was made by some intricate mechanical printing process. Little did I know that anyone can achieve this effect with cheap silver acrylic paint mixed with dishwashing liquid. Paint it over special sayings or adjectives describing your dad like "my best friend," "hardworking," "best oil changer," "favorite pain in the ass," whatever.

2. Lottery ticket card PLUS. You could also take this idea and gift actual services in the faux lottery scratch-off circles. So instead of scratching descriptors or monetary amounts like on a lottery ticket, you could give him "free lawnmowing." Also works great if you are making the card for your husband: breakfast in bed, a free night out with the boys ...

3. Personalized map card. This card uses some white paper and a map of your dad's favorite city. You can choose his birth city, the town he met your mother, his favorite vacation spot -- so many options and I guarantee that memory jogger will bring tears to the old man's eyes.

4. Paper wallet gift card holder. Here's one to dress up that Home Depot or Barnes & Noble Card -- it's a great idea for the kids too, if you don't call it first.

What do you think of these ideas -- will you try them?


Image via opalandtheidiot/Flickr

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