Suri Cruise's $100,000 Tree House Is Worth Every Penny


suri cruise treehouseWhen In Touch reported that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes bought 5-year-old daughter Suri a $100,000 tree house, the initial reaction from most people was likely one of shock, disgust, revulsion, etc. How anyone could think a mini-estate for a kiddo "complete with running water, electricity, as well as shag carpeting" is a great way to spend $100K seems kind of mind-boggling at first. But after considering it for a moment or two, it doesn't seem that crazy. Hear me out.

First of all, in relation to the mansion TomKat must live in and the moolah they have to their names, spending $100K on a mini-house for their daughter probably makes sense. And in defense of spending like this on a tree house at all, let me tell you -- it was one thing I would have been over-the-moon for when I was Suri's age.

Actually, there were a few homey things I coveted as a kid: A window seat, where I could look out at our front or backyard while reading my Babysitter's Club and Sweet Valley High books (I was obsessed), a canopy bed (I was also obsessed with this, and heartbroken when my mom told me it was "bad Feng Shui"), and a tree house.

I don't know if I ever expressed my desire to have a tree house. I do know I loved hanging out in the "fort" my guy friends had built in one of their backyards, and when I saw what the girls in Now & Then had, I was super-jealous.

Why? A tree house is a place to get away from the grown-ups when you're a kid and to really own any kind of make-believe game. PLUS, I would think as a parent, depending on the child's age, it's probably nice to know they're having fun with friends or, in Suri's case, a nanny or two or three.

If used properly, Suri's tree house will probably afford her a lot of awesome good-time memories and bolster her imagination. That, to me, seems worth what her uber-rich Hollywood parents spent on her mini-mansion in the sky.

Are you pro- or anti-tree house?

Image via D'Arcy Norman/Flickr

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Freela Freela

I wanted a treehouse as a kid- we had no trees of the treehouse bearing variety in our yards, so I had to settle for a picnic table parked under one of the big trees at the cottage- I could sit on top or put a blanket over it and hide underneath.  Tree houses are cool, but I can't help but think that running water and electricity in a treehouse is major overkill- heck, our cottage when I was growing up had no running water!  Suri's treehouse literally has more amenities than the place where I lived two months out of the year!  I'm sure she'll have fun there- but I bet she would have just as much fun in a more modestly-budgeted treehouse as well.


I'd like to say I think it's wrong but I really don't. If I could, I probably would too. It's their money. They earned it and I see no reason for them not to buy what they want. Isn't that why we work? To get the things we want.

evwsq... evwsquared

I wanted a miniature train, like at the beginning of Silver Spoons.

Princ... PrincessPeach06

We had an outdoor play house which was neat although I have never really been an outdoor sort of person.  I guess I don't have a feeling on treehouses either way but that girl is way too spoiled!  LOL

Deweymom Deweymom

My dad built us a tree house out of some old decking. It was only 8' off the ground...but it was like 10x10, fully bug and water tight, AND was close enough to an exterior outlet to run an extension cord to. My brother and I would sleep out there all the time. It was awesome!

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

While tree houses/playhouses r cool there is no way its neccesary to spend 100,000 on one. Kids don't need elborate to be happy. Alittle imagination goes along ways, she could imagine she has running water and electricity and have just as much fun. Just sayin..

iLuVk... iLuVkAidEn

wow I would like to own a home and she gets a $100,000 tree house.  lol  life isn't fair!

Kayte Jean Klawikowski

this is amazing. i want a real house like this. a real live tree house...

L25 L25

Omg I love your article, I can totally relate to ALL of it!! lol

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