Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces alá Nature

autumn bowl

Photo by Cafe Sheri

With the economy spiraling from bad to worse, this Thanksgiving's best decorations are all about low cost. FREE is even better.

That said, my boys and I have been perfecting our "bowl of Autumn" for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Of course, there are lots more Thanksgiving decorations from where this came...


In our bowl... Autumn leaves, seed pods, acorns, pine cones, and more. I'm particularly in love with the magnolia pods in my neighborhood, which boast lovely dark red seeds. Arranged in a wooden bowl, all of our Autumn collectibles make a spectacular centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table. Thank you, Mother Nature.

Also, check out these 60-Second Thanksgiving Centerpieces from Center'd (and, eh em, Mother Nature again).

Other materials, alá Mother Nature, for making cheap and easy centerpieces:

Along the same lines:

Stay tuned tomorrow for some Thanksgiving placecard holders from Mama Nature too.

+++ Do you decorate with findings from nature? Leave your nature-grown Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas in the comments below.

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