Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Register for a Royal Nest

kim kardashian kris humphriesKim Kardashian got to do what every engaged woman dreams of -- fill out her wedding registry, then let her PR rep confirm to the press that, yes, in fact, she does want $172K worth of home goods. Err, okay, so maybe that isn't what every bride-to-be does, but hey, it's what Kim K and fiance Kris Humphries just did. It's been confirmed that the happy couple recently registered at the uber-posh Gearys of Beverly Hills. And, oh, pay no mind to the wedding date displayed there; although the registry says the event date is October 31, 2011, a source told E! that's just a joke, and while the couple may have already set the date, it's still under wraps.

Real date or not, it's still fun to nitpick the items Kim and Kris are asking for. I mean ... a $43 butter spreader?! And that's just the tip of the iceberg ...

  • Extra large Baccarat crystal vase, $7,850 - This is obviously necessary for Kim. It sends a loud and clear message to Kris that she expects fresh flowers on a regular basis. Fresh flowers worthy of being put in a nearly $8K vase.
  • Two Baccarat crystal ashtrays, $840 each - Either someone in this duo has the occasional smoke, or they're catering to family members or friends who do? Either way, file this one under tasteless and ridiculous. 
  • Christofle 1925 coffee pot, $1,650 (creamer and sugar bowl an additional $1,710) - And you know they're going to be going to the Coffee Bean or Starbucks just about every day anyway. Shameful!
  • 18 Hermes Balcon du Guadalquivir black cereal bowls, $155 each - I can just see Kim K. singing the Rebecca Black lyrics as she picked these out, "Gotta have my 18 bowls, gotta have cereal!" Fail.

And those are just some of the crazy items Kim and her mother these two crazy kids seem to think they need to build their nest together. Yowza. Well, I guess the couple works hard for their reality TV show paycheck, right? Why shouldn't they have the best of the best?

Personally, I tend to think registries are a bit antiquated, at least for those of us who have moved in together well before getting hitched. Although, I always say to my boyfriend that we're not going to splurge on certain things on our own. We can wait 'til we're engaged to be gifted those super high thread-count sheets or that high-end espresso maker. Because, hey, what else is a registry for these days, right?

It's for these gorgeous Kim Seybert heavy metal round placemats that Kim registered for and I will also covet -- that's what!

What do you think about Kim and Kris' registry?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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