The World's Most Hideous Rooms & They're All Mine!

BHGNever let it be said that I suffer from excessive maturity or seriousness. Many, many online tools exist to help you figure out how to arrange and decorate your home for maximum beauty and pleasure. But in the hands of someone like me, these can become dangerous -- or just plain fun, depending on how big an idiot you are.

Me, I'm a massive idiot, so when given a virtual room, I like to see how hideous I can make it. Given that I've actually enacted projects like this in the past -- oh, yes, what a cute idea, making the molding a different unbearably bright color in each room of my bachelorette apartment -- I think we should all be grateful for a virtual way to explore our rearranging and redecorating urges.

Here are my latest creations. Which would you move into, if you had to?


Better Homes and Gardens' "Arrange-a-Room" lets you rearrange the furniture in any room and shows you the floor plan. Bonus: It lets you enter the dimensions and shape of the room, so if you've always wanted to live in a crazy-colored octagon with a million throw rugs, well, it's your lucky day! My next project will be to understand what it would feel like to live in Mickey Mouse's head.

Better Homes and GardensMeanwhile, over at House Beautiful, the Paint a Room feature invites you to paint the walls, ceilings, and accents of various rooms -- any color you like. I was going to do a bordello theme, but it came out awesome, so I tried to do something uglier. But I don't know. I have an aunt in LA who would definitely love this living room!

House Beautiful

Valspar Paint has another painting tool -- and much more elaborate rooms to play around in. In fact, they let you upload your own rooms, and they have a sophisticated painting tool that lets you go hog-wild with a huge variety of colors. For those of us who never learned to use Photoshop, this is a great way to make crazy Christmas cards.

Valspar PaintsIncidentally, did you ever wonder what a bedroom would look like if it had a floor made of purple granite? and their Virtual Room Designer have the answer:

WFCABut I have saved the best for last. Because I found a site called Murals Your Way where you can buy wall-sized murals. Of truly insane varieties. And try them out in virtual rooms. Which is how I ended up with this amazing creation, which I like to call "Nyan Cat's Waiting Room." It is ... my masterpiece.

Murals Your Way

How do you like my virtual rooms? Which is your favorite? Do you love making crazy rooms?

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