8 Father's Day Gifts for Dad's Green Thumb

It is coming up. Father's Day. June 19, people. I'm thinking of my dad aka The Colonel. He is a gardener. He has 4 hoes. He has his one favorite pair of gloves. He knows his way around Lowe's blindfolded ... and his local nursery owner asks him for gardening tips. Sound like a dad, a husband, a man in your life with a green thumb?

For any holiday or birthday, I know I can't go wrong with a garden gadget or two for The Colonel. But which one? As I was hunting for this year's Father's Day gift, I thought I'd pass my findings along.


Got shrubs? This cool hand-held shrub sculptor from Hammacher Schlemmer ($99.95) makes it simple to shape bushes and small tress. About as big as a telephone handset, it runs on batteries, so no fear of tripping over that cord. I think The Colonel could make some mean pug-shaped topiaries with this thing.


The Colonel has some back woes and creaks a bit when he gets up and down. He'd love this kneeler/seater from Plow&Hearth ($44.95). One way, it's a seat. Flip it over, and it is a padded kneeler. Two-in-one garden fun, it folds up and hold up to 250 pounds.  

Who loves to multi-task? The Colonel does, and I am sure your gardener does too. With the Lawn Aerator Shoes from Northern Tool ($9.95) strapped to his regular shoes, he can make hundreds, nay, thousands of holes while he's raking or watering the grass. I guess these holes help get water, air and other goodies into the ground.


Gardening is considered a sport by some -- partially because of the toll it takes on the body. The Colonel enjoys his trusty wheelbarrow, but this may take its place (with my mom's help, that is). Moving trees and bushes and lots of crap (literally, those fertilizer bags are heavy) is easy with this PotLifter from Gardeners.com ($29.95).  Cinch the straps around, grab a buddy and lift up to 200 pounds with your pinky-finger (well, maybe the whole hand is needed). Seriously, a great gadget for that guy in your life who knows he shouldn't move that stuff by himself -- saves your aching back as well.


Does your gardening guy also enjoy poetry ... or sing the University of Michigan fight song every night? Have him put his favorite words in stone, literally, with these Make Your Own Poetry Stones from Amazon ($18.28). Mix up the concrete, pour them into forms and then press in the letters to create the words that make up whatever quote, poem, sport fanatic ode he wants.


After he's spent the day outside, why not let him relax, pop open a cold one and watch some entertainment. He can do just that while he's doing the last bit of watering. Really, this water mister from Hammacher Schlemmer ($49.95) is fun for the whole family as it creates a water and light show -- changes from red to blue to green to yellow to purple. I can heat the oohs and aahs now.


The Colonel may not be a gnome guy, but if I get him one that is for his favorite team, he just may find a special spot for it in his garden. Forever Collectibles makes them for NFL, MLB, NCAA teams ($18.98 from Amazon), you have a plethora of little gnome fans to choose from -- and they have lady gnome sports fans too. If my husband was a gardener, I'd get him this Chicago Bears gnome. Maybe I'll just get him one anyway.


Okay, if I had a lot of extra moolah to throw around, I would definitely get this for The Colonel. An outdoor inflatable theater that gets to full size in 5 minutes -- he'll never miss the football game or the golf match again while puttering around the garden! It has a huge 72-inch screen, and the projector can be hooked up to a variety of video sources. Yeah, it's pricey ($999.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer), but my dad is worth it.

Do you have a dad with a green thumb you are shopping for?


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