Trash Cans (Almost) Too Cute for Garbage Day

R2-D2 trash canI fell in love with this R2-D2 trash can when I saw it a month ago. I’ve since been obsessed with tracking down great-looking external trash cans – probably because, as a California resident, I’m stuck with the boring ones we’re required by law to use.
Unlike toilet seats, these are remarkably hard to find! Seems like very few people are into the idea of attention-getting trash bins – or, as a commenter pointed out on the site where I saw that can, they’re worried the darn thing will get stolen.
Still, I found a few kicky garbage bins to brighten any sanitation worker's day…


First of all, yeah, I cheated. That amazing creation above? It’s not an external garbage can. But it’s also $470 at Amazon, so it’s not like you were going to buy it anyway.
bick lanebick laneI would, however, love to have this hand-painted one, $80-125 at Bick Lane Creations. Smart to make it black, right? Because garbage goes in it. Though, more likely, this would go out back to store compost or grass clippings.






Etsy trash canDecoupage on rubber is a more durable design, though, and ArtsEtcetera makes ones like this for $65 at Etsy – even more affordable, and you can specify colors and design. Since it’s trash, wouldn’t it be fun to use trashy book covers?








galvanizedAlong the same lines as the first one, there's this flower-painted design, $65-$85 at Designs By Jag.









Of course, if you’re looking for a way to keep the kids busy (and given the way trash cans get treated, it’s a great project to repeat every six months or so, no?), you could always do it yourself – with these amazing creations from Coachella’s trash can design contest as inspiration!
Would you invest in a cute trash can?
Images via Amazon, Bick Lane Creations, ArtsEtcetera/Etsy, Designs By Jag


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