The Kardashians Want to Decorate Your Home: Lock Your Doors!

salt and pepper shakersCelebrities! God love 'em, even when they’re famous for nothing but being famous, they feel like they’ve got something to say about every little thing. When they’re not writing cookbooks, knocking off designer clothes, or putting out albums, they’re ... home design experts?

On her blog, Kourtney Kardashian proudly declares she’s “absolutely obsessed with decorating my home,” because “I think of decorating a home similar to dressing stylish!"

Now that she has a new home, she promises she’ll be blogging about every little detail of its décor. This is her first acquisition: a set of gold-plated salt-and-pepper shakers from L’Objet.

Little quiz: How much do you think these babies cost: $50? $100? More?


They’re $150 on Amazon.

Now let’s talk about the wisdom of taking your home-decorating ideas from a Kardashian. Have you ever seen Martha Stewart’s nipple? Exactly. Unless Kourtney is going to give these to her sister to wear as pasties, I’m not all that interested.

Also, if we’re going to compare dressing your home to dressing your body, then let’s just admit that if we had to give the Kardashian style a name, it might be “Kebab Mackie.” Or “Middle-East Minx.” Or just plain “Olive OY!” Why would I want to extend this theme to my surroundings?

In short, if there’s one thing about the Kardashians I don’t want to emulate, it’s everything. No wait, I mean it’s their style. I suspect that everything posted in Kourtney’s new home-design blog will be the kind of thing I returned after my wedding so I could save up for something much better, like this.

But the thing is? I love them. I love the Kardashians in all their insane, kooky, tacky glory. So what the hell. Maybe I won’t be shaking salt out of these ongepotchket orbs (who can afford salt when you’ve spent that much on the shakers?), but let’s face it, I’ll be reading it anyway.

Will you be reading Kourtney's decor blog? What household items would you splurge on? Tell us in the comments!

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