A Nursery With a Dazzling DIY Touch

Boy, are you in for a treat today. Amanda created this nursery for her little man Oliver and not only is it bright and happy, it's chock-full of DIY projects. Very doable DIY projects with step-by-step instructions. So get your crafting supplies out and get ready to be inspired by today's tour. 


Here's Amanda's sweet little family enjoying the room. That adorable bunting hanging over the crib? It was hand-knitted.

This intricate light fixture was made with a beach ball, string, and fabric stiffener. It looks like something you would buy from a high-end design store. 

I was surprised to learn that even this faux animal hide rug was a project Amanda and her husband tackled. She swears it only took 20 minutes! Definitely worth a try. 

The circle mobile is easily my favorite project in the room. Amanda said she made it in one night while watching a movie, so it was pretty simple. I love how she chose graduated colors for the circles. 

When I said there were a lot of DIY projects in this room, I meant it. The window covering is another great one. It's made from playful IKEA fabric and little to no sewing skills were required.

Amanda even added some character to a vintage chair by adding a monkey face and tail. For sure, it's a piece Oliver will remember from his childhood. 

Thanks for the tour, Amanda. You've got me inspired to get my DIY on! What about you, Dear Readers? Do you love a hands on project? Or do you stay clear of DIY whenever possible?

P.S. If you're interested in learning more about this room and projects, you can see full instructions online at Parents Magazine.

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