Simple Ways to Prep Your Garden for Winter


Photo by Cafe Sheri

Winter is going to rear its ugly (and chilly) head soon enough and your garden needs its own kind of parka. But, I'll admit, there is a lot about gardening that intimates me (whoops! I do mean intimidates...see how freaked out it gets me?), especially when experts give tips. They start talking about the pH of the soil, and I start staring up at the birds.

Pruning aimlessly and digging's one of my favorite ways to turn off my brain for a few minutes. I love to play out in the garden, and now that my youngest is almost 2, I'm more able to get my hands dirty. So how do I prepare my soil for the winter?


It's all about cutting, cleaning, and protecting your green.

For easy tips on what to remove and clear out before the first frost hits and to learn how to tuck in your garden for the cold onset of winter, check out Real Simple's article "Preparing Your Plants for Winter.

There are tons of great gardening groups here on CafeMom. Green Thumb Society and Gardening for beginners have some great ideas to get you started...without that intimidation factor.

Can you give me some tips on protecting my garden during the colder months?

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