Is Elizabeth Taylor's Family Selling Her Home Too Soon? (PHOTOS)

elizabeth taylor homeElizabeth Taylor's ranch-style Bel Air, California home is up for sale for $8.6 million. Any takers? The "fully gated and secured" property sits on a modest 1.27 acres, but is stocked to the nines with all sorts of great features, like a koi pond with a waterfall, a pool and spa, maid's quarters, and a "secret bamboo jungle." Not bad. And it wasn't just all aesthetics. Sounds like Elizabeth and her family filled the place with good memories.

Elizabeth's son, Christopher Wildingsaid of the house:

This was where we all gathered, especially at Thanksgiving and Easter ... She never entertained the notion of moving.

Aw. It's kind of sad to hear that. Sounds like Elizabeth loved her house dearly. So, is it weird that it's up on the market so quickly?


It has to be one of the toughest decisions, what to do with a loved one's house -- especially a parent's -- once they pass away. I know I would have a really tough time selling the place where I spent countless summers barbecuing in the yard and dozens of holidays laughing in the family room. It would just be weird.

On the flip side of the coin, though, it might be a little weird not to sell it, right? One has to let go at some point. I mean, how long can you let a property -- especially a $9 million property -- sit there unused? Just as there's no proper way to grieve, there's clearly no "rule of thumb" when dealing with things like this.

Although it may seem strange to an outsider for Christopher to put his mother's house up for sale barely two months after her passing, who am I to say what's right? After all, my father, sister, and I left my mother's purse in tact for months after her passing. And her closet still sits as it was a year later. This is partly out of laziness, but mainly out of necessity.

It's nice to hear that Elizabeth and her family enjoyed so many nice times at her home. Hopefully Christopher and the rest of Elizabeth's children will do the same at theirs.

elizabeth taylor home
Elizabeth Taylor's patio












Do you think Elizabeth's house went up for sale too soon?

Images via Mossler Properties

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