Dating Site for Dogs Could Save Your Kids From Heartache

puppy love Believe it or not, the web is now helping you find the best hook-ups with dogs. And no, I'm not talking about sleazy men. (There are already plenty of sites that do that, right?) A new "online dating" service for pedigree puppies is hoping to make breeders' and prospective pet buyers' lives a little easier. The Mate Select site allows you to check official health test results of all Kennel Club registered dogs, to see whether the puppies from two adults are likely to be healthy. Although it seems a bit like this will set people up to seek out "genetically perfect" pets, I gotta say, it could make things a bit easier on families.

If you're a dog person or even just a pet person, you know what I'm talking about. It's something people who aren't dog or pet people don't understand. 


Case in point: When I saw Marley & Me for the first time, I could not stop crying at the end when -- spoiler ahead -- Owen Wilson and Jen Aniston's family has to say goodbye to the dog that's been a family member to them. Meanwhile, my boyfriend who never had a pet growing up gave me a look that was basically like, "What's wrong with you? It's just a dog!"

No. No it's not, it's your fluffy sister. Your furry child. That's what your dog or cat ends up being to a family. And that's why losing them too soon can be a heart-wrenching experience. It's like losing a relative.

So if you could save your family from that heartache by choosing a pet that had better odds with longevity, there's no question that's what you'd do, right? When buying a puppy, it's probably one of the top pre-reqs on any parent's mind. Probably question #2. First, you ask if the breed is good with kids. Check. Then, you want to know how long that puppy's going to live. 

Because who wants to choose a family dog that's going to die at an early age? It's devastating enough when you're 23 to lose the dog you grew up with. (I'll testify to that.) Let alone having your family pet pass away when your kids are still kids.

So, if a site like the Kennel Club's Mate Select can help us find pets that are going to be around for as long as possible, I'm all about it. 

What do you think -- is a site like Mate Select helpful, if only because you'd want to find the healthiest dog possible for your family?


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