4 Intoxicating Household Uses for Booze

whiskey bottlesLeave it to those resourceful Scots to come up with the best save-the-planet idea I've heard so far: Whiskey power! Construction is currently underway on a biomass plant in Scotland that will use whiskey byproducts to generate enough electricity for 9,000 homes, significantly reducing the country's carbon emissions. Unfortunately, there are no plans to build a booze-powered plant stateside just yet, but you can still run your house with a little help from the liquor cabinet.


Bet you didn't know these libations are good for more than getting you tipsy:

  • Vodka in a spray bottle makes an awesome all-purpose cleaner! Spritz it on mildew-y bathtub caulking, stains, even eyeglasses. Store your razors in a cup of vodka between shaves to prevent rusting. (Don't drink it! That would be gross.)
  • If the lingering scent of raw onions on your cutting board drives you nuts, wipe it down with whiskey (use it as a mouthwash to get rid of onion breath, but not if you're going to be driving!).
  • An occasional pint (or so) of Guinness is rumored to be better than Miracle Gro for green houseplants. Try it once a week!
  • Making margaritas? Tote some of that tequila into the bathroom before you pour it in the blender and use it to wipe sticky hairspray spots from the mirror. Also guaranteed to make fixtures like faucets sparkly and clean!

Do you use alcohol for anything besides Happy Hour?


Image via Christopher Bersbach/Flickr

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