Drunk Flowers Are Happier Flowers

beer and gardeningMemorial Day is just around the corner and that means grilling season is here, my friends. Weekly evening gatherings with a menu of hamburgers, hot dogs, maybe some lovely grilled veggies with a bit o' olive oil. For beverages, have some lemonade, a nice Chardonnay ... and you can always count on your buddy Jeff to bring the beer.

But what do you do Sunday morning, when you're cleaning up, and there are some half-empty bottles of beer? You're going to recycle that bottle, why not recycle that skunky beer inside of it? Grab your gardening hat and the leftover beer, ladies, and head to the petunias -- Mama's got a new garden helper and his name is Sam Adams!


We use beer as an ingredient in batter for fryin' up yummy shrimp or for making bread -- because beer has that yeast in it. When you pour your skunky beer dregs into your tomato garden, you are adding some nourishment to the soil.

Another fabu use for beer in your garden is to get rid of those pesky slugs. No, I don't mean the neighbors across the street who always borrow your leaf blower -- and then forget to give it back. I mean garden slugs, the menace that has been chomping its way from your artichokes to your zucchini. Simply bury a small dish or little container, like a yogurt cup, up to the top and fill it with beer. The beer acts as a trap for the buggers who love the stuff as much as a college frat dude. They want to get to it, fall in ... and drown.

Now I cannot recommend using good, new, yummy beer for this -- no matter how bad your problem may be. I can suggest to look in the back of your fridge. Remember when your Uncle Bob visited and bought a case of nasty Milwaukee's Best as a housewarming gift? It's still in the dark regions of your fridge. Pop open those cans and say, "Hasta la vista, Sluggy!"

Will you try skunky beer as a gardening aid?


Image via moonhouse/Flickr

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