New Site Is the Pretty Alternative to Bookmark Blah

PinterestI don’t know about you, but I have about 40 kabillion bookmarks that I can never find when I need them. Even when I organize them into folders like “crafts I want to make,” “apartment ideas,” “cute baby gifts,” and “amazing art,” I end up forgetting where I put stuff.

So when my craft-ninja friend Lisa told me about her favorite new procrastination tool, I threw several deadlines out the window and headed over. It’s called Pinterest, and it’s going to revolutionize your design life.


“It’s the best thing ever,” Lisa told me. “It’s like if you printed out every picture on the Internet that you wanted to remember later. Like, I’ve been bookmarking people’s quilts for years, but looking at the bookmark name isn’t as useful as seeing the image. I can save a photo on my hard drive, but I’m sure to lose the link. This is both of those things together in one magic site.”

Here’s how it works: You join Pinterest and get, basically, a homepage (here's mine!) with empty “boards” that you can name. You load the “pin it” button onto your browser. You see an image you love on the web -- a gorgeous piece of art, an amazing vintage pattern, a gift you want to buy for your mom. You click the “Pin It” button and specify which of your boards you want to add it to, and voila, the image is copied to that board on your homepage for you to enjoy whenever you need inspiration -- and links back to the original page, so you can follow up if necessary.

As your friends join, you grow your friends list just like on Facebook or Flickr, and you can browse, “like,” and comment on their images, and vice-versa.

One can easily get obsessive about it. My friends find the most amazing stuff, which inspires me to add to my board whenever possible -- a great excuse to browse Google Images. The best part is that now I don’t have 9,000 tabs open at all times because I just love some random web page and don’t know what to do about it.

That’s not true. I still have 9,000 browser tabs open. But it’s becoming less necessary.

Anyway, if my Twitter feed and general nosiness are any indication, Pinterest is taking off in a big way. It’s such a simple idea, I can’t believe nobody did it before -- virtual pin boards! Your own digital image smorgasbord! Your bedroom mirror from high school, but bigger, with no Scotch tape, and way more room! It’s invitation-only right now, but finding a friend with an invite doesn't seem to be hard (I have six, so post below and I’ll invite the first six!).

Would you use Pinterest to organize your visual favorites? 

Image via Madfoot/Pinterest

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