A Dancer for Madonna + Househunting = Awesome Music Video!

cloud camposHere in San Francisco, every house has been through at least one earthquake -- and most likely it was a big one. So we’ve got a lot of creaky floorboards, funny-sounding walls, and unexplained thumps (urban raccoons!). When my daughter sits up in bed and asks, “What’s that noises?” I usually just tell her it’s the house settling, like my mom did. But one filmmaker took it further, and imagined a home whose noises would come together to make amazing music for him to dance to.

Daniel Cloud Campos is a dancer who has toured several times with Madonna and, lately, has been writing, editing, and directing his own videos, which he posts on YouTube. Also: he’s easy on the eyes. His short film "The Music Box" is about a guy who walks into a vast, empty loft that he’s thinking of renting and finds amazing sounds everywhere -- which inspire him. Take a look!


Now, that's what I call house music! Something else, huh? I like how, at the end, the film reminds us that “only those who listen can hear.” When something seems annoying to me, like the dishwasher downstairs going “Woo! Woo! Woo!” I’m going to try singing along. And the next time Penny asks me about those noises, I’ll tell her the apartment wants us to dance with it -- better make sure our security deposit is paid up!

Update: Just watched this with Penelope and we replaced our usual "Lizard o' Ozzing" up and down the hallway with frenzied wall-banging and dancing. I think we have a new crush!

Does your house make noises that make you want to dance?

Image via YouTube

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