6 Shower Curtains That Look Smart, Make You Smart

dinosaur shower curtainI don't have a shower curtain. Right now, all that is hanging from those rings is a liner. It's a nice liner, but I realize it looks a little sad, a little odd, a little straight out of Psycho. Sure, I have shopping ADD and can't ever really make a decision with non-important matters ... but really, there are so many shower curtains to choose from these days. Kitschy ones, traditional ones, solids, stripes, patterns. Heck, you can even have a customized shower curtain made just for you.

As I've been surfing for our perfect shower curtain, I found some awesome ones that actually teach you things -- a new language, the 239th number of Pi, or the symbol for Seaborgium (Sg, natch). I'm totally serious ... check them out!


Okay, so many are ideal for your little ones. But, if you are like me and have one bathroom, then Junior's bathroom is your bathroom ... and some of this info just may come in handy for you.

For your science guy or gal, help them in chemistry class with this one that is only $29.95 on Amazon. You can give your husband hints on the precious metals you like with their proper symbols. Psst, gold is Au, ladies.

preiodic table shower curtain

Have a toddler obsessed with dinosaurs? Check out this dinosaur shower curtain that tells you which ones were herbivores or carnivores and which era they lived in. Perfect to bone up on before seeing all of those huge fossils at the American Museum of Natural History. (Get it, bone up? Fossil? Ha!) Grab it for $29.95 on Amazon.

dinosaur shower curtain

Your little math whiz will her stun her classmates as she recites up to 4,600 numbers of Pi. You can stun the ladies in your book club with your Pi knowledge as you discuss Life of Pi. Okay, I don't think the book has much to do with the mathematical constant, but who ever really talks about the books in book club? Also $29.95 at Amazon (that seems to be the constant price of shower curtain these days).

pi shower curtain

Does your first-grader love nature and constantly ask you questions about, well, everything? Hang up this metamorphosis shower curtain (again, $29.95 on Amazon) and you can all learn how a tadpole becomes a frog, how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Here's a close-up look.

metamorphosis shower curtain

If your kiddo is jonesing to be the next Al Roker, check out the weather shower curtain, complete with the names of the different clouds and the answer to "Why is there lightning?" You better learn those cloud names for the next walk to the park. Yup, $29.95 at Amazon.

weather shower curtain

I know for us moms, the shower is where we can get away, relax, focus on herself. Why not use that shower "Me" time to better yourself? Always wanted to learn Spanish? Planning a trip to Italy for your 10-year anniversary? Learn the language as you shave! Snatch the Italian vocabulary for $24.99 on Amazon, same goes for the Spanish one. Molto bene!

italian shower curtain

Would you like one of these in your bathroom?


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