Cat With Loudest Purr Ever -- My Ears, My Ears! (VIDEO)

smokey the catWe do not have pets (RIP Bubbles and Princess Fishy Fish), but my child is obsessed with cats. We scour You Tube for funny cats videos, cute little kitten pictures set to music, videos made by cat lovers with way too much time on their hands. And then I ran across a video of Smokey. Smokey, a cat with the loudest purr ever recorded. A purr almost as loud as ... wait for it ... a lawn mower.

Anyone else think this is a little odd? That maybe Smokey needs to get checked out by a vet ENT or something?


Sure, Smokey's famous purr landed her in the Guinness Book of World Records with her purr, clocking in at 67.7 decibels. A lawn mower is 90 decibels. That is one loud cat.

But i have to wonder if this purr is good for Smokey? Was she always this loud? Did it come on with age, as she entered, say life 6 of her 9 lives? Maybe she needs to get her kitty adenoids checked out. I mean, my kid snores really loud and we are going to the ENT. Maybe Smokey should do the same, get her adenoids and tonsils examined.

If not for Smokey, how about the people around her? A purr this loud could little eardrums. Kids may need to have those kiddie headphones like they wear at concerts when they encounter Smokey.

Okay, let's assume Smokey's purr is healthy for everyone, including Smokey ... what can they do with this purr besides be in the records books? She could definitely get work providing the purr for stuffed animals, kind of voiceover work for animals. But I think there's a better opportunity here ... she could make millions for her owners with two words: ring tone. Yup, record that purr and sell it for $3.99. Crazy cat ladies everywhere (and my kid when she's older) will snatch it up. Oh yeah -- purr, Smokey, purr!

What do you think of Smokey's purr?


Image via you tube

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