Are You an 'Extreme Couponing' Failure Like Me?

extreme couponing

Disclaimer: I've never been much of a coupon-clipper. It's not that I have anything against using coupons, I'm just not an organized-enough person in general to pull off the money-saving practice. The few times I've had the presence of mind to notice and cut out a coupon for an item my family actually likes, it's ended up shoved in my wallet and forgotten about until way past its expiration date.

But all the buzz over Extreme Couponing on TLC got me thinking: Have I been missing out on major savings all these years? After watching a few episodes, I think the answer is yes ... but I'm still not going to jump on the coupon bandwagon. I'm done beating myself up for my comparatively wasteful ways.


Here's why: Based on my research (which, like I said, consisted of watching Extreme Couponing), only certain people can aspire to the Coupon Queen crown. These people must possess all or most of the following:

Top-notch organizational skills. I can't remember off the top of my head where my birth certificate is, so I definitely don't fall into that category.

The need to follow a routine. Two-for-one or "buy three, get one free" sales on perishable items are great if you've got kids who insist on eating the same thing for breakfast/lunch/dinner day in and day out. Not so if your kids are like mine, who can't look at the same thing two days in a row without groaning, "Again?!" More moldy food in the garbage can.

Ample storage. It would seem those same two-for-one type deals are a no-brainer when it comes to non-perishable items like dried pasta or paper towels. If, however, you don't have a garage/basement/enormous walk-in pantry in which to store your stockpile of canned goods (ahem), this technique will take you straight from Extreme Couponing to Hoarding: Buried Alive

So yes, I'm sure I'll get hauled off to debtor's prison at some point, but I gotta be me ... and I'm just not a coupon-er, extreme, advanced, or intermediate.

Does couponing work for you?


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