Mariah Carey May Have Started a Room Naming Trend

moraccan cannon twinWe have followed Mariah Carey's pregnancy every step of the way since she announced she was pregnant with dembabies. She gave birth and announced what she and Nick chose for names: Monroe Cannon for her daughter and Moroccan Scott Cannon for her son.

Sigh. In case, you haven't read the 634 articles about why the poor little guy got this name, I'll fill you in: they named him after a room in their apartment.

...and Moroccan from the style of room in Carey’s New York apartment in which Mr. Cannon proposed. It is of Moroccan-style, nicknamed the Moroccan Room, and overlooking Central Park.

Okay, let's just hunker down, folks, because you know this is going to start a trend ... not a baby naming trend, but a home trend.


Could there also be a baby naming trend? Of course. Linoleum and Futon will make the baby names list of 2012. But that's to be expected. But who knew, when we were following dembabies that they would influence home sales.

Now, in certain grand estates, rooms have names. Take the most famous house in the U.S.: The White House. It has different rooms, all named: The Lincoln Bedroom, The China Room, The Blue Room. I get that. But, to name a room in your house ... that's just bizarre, so bizarre that you know realtors will incorporate it as a selling point now. As in "You must have at least two named rooms to make this property move" or "Here, we have The Antler Room" (for those homes in big hunting areas) or "Don't you want a named room like Mariah and Nick? It is all the rage."

And if I were to name rooms in my house? Let me see. My kitchen? The Wrench-Oven Room (because you need a wrench to get the oven to work). The living room? The Won't Redecorate Til Kiddos is In 8th Grade Room. The bathroom? The Toilet Keeps Running Room.

Do you have a room that is named in your house?


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