Would You Buy a 350 Square Foot Home for $120K?

doll houseAt least once a week, either my husband or I makes some mention to the other about "when we have a house." We dream of a yard. A washing machine. A little more room, and how all the snippy little comments would go away if we just had it. ("Ugh, watch out." "You're still in the bathroom?!" "Can't you wait until I'm done washing dishes to get a drink?")

Alas, we simply can't afford it right now (and we're not ready to make the move to the 'burbs), so yo-ho-ho, it's apartment life for us ... unless we buy ourselves a tiny micro-home in Portland. Yard? Check. Washing machine? Check! More room? Ehhh ...

But two out of three ain't bad! And, dudes, for $120,000, who gives a rat's?


The new development, called Division 43 (I could do without that name -- sounds a little clinical), will be made up of 29 micro-homes. All the places are new, all the places are miniature. In fact, in some cases, the homes are just 360 square feet miniature. 

Damn, right? I mean, as enticing as a yard where my darling shih tzu can run free is, I don't think I'd be forking over 120 grand to live in a space that's almost akin to my bedroom. However, that's just for a studio, though. The one- and two-bedroom ones are larger.

The point of these homes isn't exactly luxury, though. It's for "people who want an urban lifestyle and a smaller footprint." (How Portland of them.) Seriously, though, how many people do you think have "carbon footprint" on the brain when they see a home that's listed for less that $200,000?

I kind of like this idea. I kind of wish they would start something like this in NYC. Although, there really aren't too many "yards" to be had out here. It's a really cool concept, though. A miniature house -- you get to stay in the city and get a little piece of the suburbs. Very cool. Until you (quickly) grow out of it.

Would you live in a micro-home?


Image via morticide/Flickr

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